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Yes, I do Emergency Auto Lockouts!      However did you check with the BBB first!
It seems that I've heard a lot lately about people who were given bad quotes (I Mean Really Bad missing by $100.00 or More) and when the job is complete are told the quote was for the service call only or that it took a special tool. While there are special tools for a few cars an air bag is not one of them! Also none of the reputable locksmiths that know only quote a really low service call, only to add $100.00 after the job is complete!
When calling for lockout service I would recommend telling what the year, make and model are, as this should help get an accurate quote. And then when you get the quote ask if that is the full charge for everything, then at least you would know the high and low. However that would be nothing compared to finding out after the car (or house) opening that the price had went up $100.00. When I arrive IF I THINK the price will need to go up I will tell you first, so that you may then decide!
I'm sorry to keep harping on this, but crooks are out there, so if you don't do the research and then get scammed it's your own fault. So check with
the BBB, angieslist and friends, then when you find someone you like share it because it won't help if the phone number is locked in your car or house.
Yes, I know that I am a member of the BBB, however if you don't choose me, I still want you to make a good choice!
Replacing lost car keys.
Because cars are changing at such a rapid pace and it seems that I'm always
updating something I'll just give a small preview.
When calling about car keys you will need to know the year, make and model.
Yes, I also do RV's, Motorcycles and Boats, I'll do a section on them later.

This is an MVP tester
(that's a multi vehicle programer)
I may need to use this if I were to program a new transponder key for your car. There are several different colored adapters in the upper right that are necessary for various makes and models. 

This is Rick, I'm sitting at the side door of my van and behind me and above my head are some manuals that are necessary for making most of today's automotive keys, there are also several manuals that are
for making motorcycle keys.


Here's one of my key machines this one is for code cutting keys after I have gotten the information for the cuts from my computer. However I have a punch machine that I probably use more often for automotive work because the codes are not always available. 

This is a photo of one of the drawers that you can see in the picture of me over to the left. There are six of these drawers full of auto and MC keys, there are about twenty-four different MC keys in this drawer alone.
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