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  It always seems strange to me that customer are so surprised how accurate my quotes are, when it's actually
very simple although I do take the time to inform and ask questions. I find that a lot of customers even many
who have had houses rekeyed have no idea what a cylinder is, when a cylinder is simply any keyhole.
I am also surprised at how many customers think that they need new locks and do not know that they can have
their old locks rekeyed so that the old keys will not work any more and the lock will now have new keys!
Estimates are quite simple, cost per cylinder x cylinders + service call and the cost of extra keys if you wish = Cost.
Many times customers are amazed at how well their old locks work after being rekeyed along with the minor cleaning that is included !
The few times that my estimates are off is if someone has locks that they do not have any keys for, some custom hardware or if someone
has broken locks that they want fixed. However those who tell me of these thing when they call, do get more accurate quotes.
I believe customers who receive accurate quotes are happier with their service so I am putting some examples below to help you
understand how to count cylinders.     Thank You for reading this, Rick 
Here I will be showing some of my hardware, they will have red keys in them so that you will be able to see the keys and then be able to count the cylinders. While I do not carry
a lot of different styles, I do carry the most popular finishes. The cylinders for these
  locks are made of solid brass and can be keyed to match most of the popular brands.  
In the pictures below the inside is on the left and what would be the outside of the door is on the right !
Although the deadbolt is usually on the top and the knob or lever on the bottom sometimes they are reversed!

This is probably the most popular set-up both locks are single cylinders with a thumb turn on the deadbolt at (top) and a push button or turn button on the inside of the knob.(bottom)
There are two cylinders in this


Here is another set-up it only has
a single cylinder in the deadbolt.
They are polished brass and the 
handle is a lever design.
There is only one cylinder in this

These types are called handlesets.
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Here are some of the more popular styles the locks are antique brass the knob is a Plymouth design, the deadbolt is a double cylinder and both locks have solid brass cylinder with are of higher quality than the typical die-cast ones like most of the builder hardware that is more common on newer homes.

There are three cylinders in the above picture.


These don't seem as popular any more however they are sometimes found on pool gates and a few of the older town homes they are knobs with keys in both sides.
There are two cylinders in this picture.


This my van which you may have
see in the Oro Valley area

  2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500
There are more pictures of the inside
and some of the supplies and equipment
on other pages, if you would like a closer look.

These are some of the padlocks that I carry, they can be keyed to match your house key, so that you won't need another key to look for. These also have replaceable shackles of various lengths, so if they are ever cut you will only need a replacement shackle. They can be rekeyed every time that you rekey your house so that they will always match. 
I always carry plenty of key blanks for the most popular brands, usually anywhere between 200 & 300.