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This page will have more to do with the things small business owners may have questions about.
Below are a few examples of some common hardware for businesses and a couple of recommendations. 

Here are some Mortise Cylinders that are
commonly found on many store fronts. The one
on the far right is of the interchangeable type.
Notice how it has the figure 8 look to it. 
Many times when stores are broken into the thieves will simply take a wrench to these unprotected cylinders and remove them.
Below are some collars the ones on the left
are a more of a standard type and generally
do little to help stop forced entry. However
those on the right have a tapered shape and are made of hardened steel which helps prevent wrenching of the cylinders. 
Below is a latch protector.
This will help to protect the latch on an
aluminum store front door. I also stock
latch protectors for around knobs and deadbolts that will help to deter attackers.



 This is my service van which many of you
may have seen around the
Oro Valley area.
Here is a view of the work area in my van.
I carry most of the hardware you see here
and many repair parts. 
An alarmed panic device.
There are other types of panic devices that
may look similar but without the alarm built
in to them. These types of devices are designed
to open if someone is pushed against them without
them needing to turn a knob or lever for opening.

Here's a close-up of the alarmed panic device
and you can see the mortise cylinder which is
used to turn the alarm on and off. Many of the
panic devices will need to be removed and then
reinstalled for rekeying, whether they are
alarmed or if they just have a lock cylinder
on the outside of the door.

Here are two examples for commercial
hardware the lever on the left as you can 
see is much larger than the one on the right.
Even though the lever on the right is sold as a commercial grade it should never be used on the rear entrance. As you can see there is quite a difference between the two levers and yet they are both grade 2's. In many cases neither of these levers would be adequate by it's self, you should also
have a deadbolt installed.   

Here is a view of the lock bodies as you
can see the one on the left is much larger
and has two additional thru bolt. Not pictured
And therefore it is better suited for use on
the exterior rear doors that get vandalized.
 Here is what happens sometimes when
using the light duty lock, can you see the opening at the top, this is because the lock body is to small or maybe it was installed poorly.
Here's something I think more small
businesses could use, as they may help
to cut down on the number of times that
they may need to rekey after the changing of some employees.